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ITS Membership Registration

Here is a copy of the letter sent to teachers around the world.

01 September 2017

Dear fellow teachers,

I would like to invite you to join the International Teachers Society (ITS). I started this organization earlier this year. Soon, it will be the largest and the most recognized community of teachers and education professionals in the world.

Please read the entire message so you will not miss an opportunity. Specifically, you may want to be one of the 200 founding members of ITS.

The International Teachers Society aims to-

Establish an active global organization of teachers and education professionals 
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Create a common (global) system of credential evaluation for teachers and education professionals 
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Provide teachers worldwide unlimited opportunities for professional, economic, and personal growth 
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Promote and facilitate a more dynamic TEACHER EXCHANGE PROGRAM that involves as many countries and individuals possible
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Conduct reach-out activities for teachers in high-need regions in the world

In order to be accepted as an ITS member, you need to meet the following qualifications.

You must be a certified or licensed teacher. Your certificate or license must be in active status at the time of your application.

You must have held a regular teaching position for at least one year.

For other educational professionals, you need to have a certificate or license related to education and you must have worked in a school setting for at least one year.

In addition, you must present a valid identification and a copy of certification or license attached to your application.

ITS will collect a one-time membership fee prior to the formal acceptance of your application for membership. Once your application is approved, ITS will send you an acceptance letter with your ITS membership number. 
Only approved members may indicate ITS membership in any personal dealings such as employment applications (resume) and professional portfolio.

The regular ITS membership fee is USD120. The first 200 members will be listed as ITS founding members. 

Click the link below to fill up the application form. 

I am looking for representatives from different countries. It is a paid position. State/Country representatives will be responsible for promoting the organization in their state/country mainly through social media. Please indicate in the registration form if you are interested in this role. You need to become a registered member before you qualify to become a state/country representative.

ITS is a new professional organization. Its programs and scope may still change. It is still open for new ideas from members.

For your inquiries regarding membership, please free to send me a message at or

Thank you very much for your time. I am looking forward to our partnership in organizing ITS.


Mr. Arturo de Luna
ITS Founder and Organizer

ITS Membership Registration

INVITATION FOR MEMBERSHIP Here is a copy of the letter sent to teachers around the world. 01 September 2017 Dear fellow teachers,...

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