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ITS membership is open exclusively to teachers and education professionals. However, there are many people like yourself who are devoted to supporting our ranks.You are very much welcome to join us in organizing ITS. Your support can make a big difference in our effort to bring positive changes in education, with more focus on teachers' welfare. If the world will take care of teachers, it is much easier for them to take care of their students.

Investing on ITS means donating money to finance all its programs including the following.

ITS Facilitated Teacher Exchange Program
One of the main objectives of ITS is to involve more teachers in teacher exchange programs. I, the organizer of this organization, was a participant of the same program. I am a living witness of how challenging it is to take part in program particularly on the financial side of it. ITS, with your support, can make it possible.

ITS Sponsored Local and International Teacher Training Programs
ITS also aims to facilitate training to teachers in every corner of the world possible, even in the most remote places where there are teachers. We will also organize international training for teachers at a very reasonable fee, if not free.

ITS International Teacher's Day Programs
ITS national and regional centers will organize International Teacher's Day programs aimed to celebrate the noble work of teachers in ways that they will feel that they belong to a bigger community. Given enough resources, ITS will prepare gifts to teachers, be they member of ITS or not.

ITS Reach-Out Programs (Focused on Supporting Teachers in High Need Areas)
ITS will organize annual reach-out programs to teachers in identified high need areas around the world. A sum of ITS investors' money will be allotted to providing the basic needs of teachers in those areas.  

You are invited to share any of the following amounts. You will be given options to disclose your identity or not. By default, donors information will be posted on ITS website and newsletters. 

ITS Level A1 Donor (USD1,000-USD4,999)
ITS Level A2 Donor (USD5,000-USD9,999)
ITS Level A3 Donor (USD10,000-USD19,999)
ITS Level A4 Donor (USD20,000 or more)

If you need more details on how to help ITS realize it vision and mission, please send me an email at or You can also help ITS by extending this invitation to individuals, companies, and institutions that may have interest in supporting teachers.

Here is a list of ITS Donors.
(Your name will appear below under the corresponding level.) 

ITS Level A1 Donors:
ITS Level A2 Donors:
ITS Level A3 Donors:
ITS Level A4 Donors:

NOTE: The amount collected from donors will be added to membership fees collected in all ITS programs and operational expenses.

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