Promote and facilitate a more dynamic TEACHER EXCHANGE PROGRAM that involves as many countries and individuals possible

It is ITS' desire to encourage and actually facilitate a more active teacher exchange programs that will allow teachers from around the world to teach and live in another country for a period of time. I used to participate in a teacher exchange program in the United States. It was such a wonderful experience. However, I just realize how challenging it can be for teachers to participate in exchange programs because it involves a great deal of money. It should not be like that anymore.

ITS will change how teacher exchange is done. It should be easy now for everyone. In the future, all members will be given opportunity to participate in the program by making the fees involved much less, if not free. We will look for sponsors to take care of the financial requirements of the process. By then, there is no excuse why teachers cannot participate in the program.  

If you are interested in participating in the ITS-facilitated teacher exchange program, you must register as soon as possible. This opportunity will be extended initially to ITS members.

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