Provide teachers worldwide unlimited opportunities for professional, economic, and personal growth

ITS will do more what other established organizations do. We have all teachers in the world in mind when we create our programs. We will provide all possible opportunities for professional, economic, and personal growth.

ITS is setting up a partnership with the world's biggest international companies, individuals, and institutions that may be willing to support teachers in many ways. I believe that teachers deserve the best that the world has to offer. Some individuals, companies, and institutions are just waiting for opportunities to help teachers such as this.

Soon, ITS members will benefit from generous offers and privileges offered by international service and good providers designed for teachers such as free or discounted flights, hotel accommodations, mobile services, and more. We are working on that.

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INVITATION FOR MEMBERSHIP Here is a copy of the letter sent to teachers around the world. 01 September 2017 Dear fellow teachers,...

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